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Madagascar Pictures: Piotr Lukasik


Avenue du Baobabs

Baobabs north from Morondova

Releasing the bus stuck in sand

Mantis in Kirindy

Red-fronted brown lemur at Kirindy

Red-fronted brown lemur at Kirindy

Red-fronted brown lemurs feeding on rubbish

Mother red-fronted brown lemur with baby

Mating frogs at Kirindy

Mating frogs at Kirindy

Heteroliodon sp. snake at Kirindy

Ground boa at Kirindy

Frog at Kirindy

Scorpion at Kirindy

Giant jumping rat at Kirindy

Ant at Kirindy

Ant from Kirindy

Sunset in Morondava

Ruins in Morondava

Mud wasp constructing a nest

Leioheterodon geayi at Kirindy

Baby radiated tortoise at Kirindy

Verreaux's sifaka

Rat at Kirindy

Madagascar hissing cockroach

Mating flies at Kirindy

Snake at Kirindy

Fruits of baobab, Adansonia rubrostipa

Baby chameleon on a knuckle of a hand

Mouse lemur at Kirindy

Sunrise in Kirindy

Sunset near Miandrivazo

Little canyon near Miandrivazo

Sun setting near Miandrivazo

Ricefields north from Antsirabe

Tana in early morning fog

Mantis in Perinet

Giraffe-necked weevil in Perinet

Millipede in Perinet

Streaked tenrec in Perinet

Tree frog in Perinet

Rainforest in Perinet

Tree boa in Perinet

Millipede near Perinet

Car trouble - Andringitra

Another car breakdown in Andringitra

Colorful locust in Andringitra

Ricefields in Andringitra

Camouflaged caterpillar in Andringitra

Epiphytic fern in Andringitra

Andringitra: high altitude rainforest

Stream in Andringitra

Path to Pic Boby (Andringitra)

Flower of a shrub in Andringitra

Flower near the top of Pic Boby

Eroded granites of Pic Boby (Andringitra)

Path to Pic Boby - Andringitra

Granite rock formations in Andringitra

Rice terraces - Andringitra

Road to Ambalavao

Dry rice paddies in Isalo

Chameleon in Isalo

Pandanus in Isalo

Canyon de Makis in Isalo

Isalo: Canyon de Makis


Rock formations in Isalo

Elephant's foot succulent in Isalo

Trail in Isalo

Mating geckos in Ifaty

Beach in Ifaty

Ifaty Reserve

Squat baobab in Ifaty

Serrate leaflets of Adansonia rubrostipa baobab

Beach in Ifaty

Three-eyed lizard (Chalaradon madagascariensis), common in Ifaty

Fort Dauphin beach shipwrecks

Fort Dauphin

Protestant church in Fort Dauphin

Fort Dauphin: lone palm tree at sunset

Cockroach in Fort Dauphin

Vegetation outside of Fort Dauphin

Vegetation outside Fort Dauphin

Vegetation outside of Fort Dauphin

Dragging the pirogue ashore

Boy guarding a pirogue

Fort Dauphin beached ship

Man carrying tuna to Fort Dauphin

Shore in Evatra (Fort Dauphin area)

Pitcher plant near Fort dauphin

Ravenala - traveller's palm

Evatra village

Huts in Evatra

Evatra village - Fort Dauphin area

Water lily near Fort Dauphin

Beach at Locaro Peninsula

Beach near Fort Dauphin

Beach at Locaro Peninsula

Old cannon at Fort Flacourt (in Fort Dauphin)

Fisherman checking a crab trap

Lake near Fort Dauphin

Palms near Fort Dauphin

Sunset at Fort Dauphin

Nahampoana Reserve

Ricefields near Fort Dauphin

Fields near Antananarivo

Colonnial era building in Tana

Museum in Tana

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