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Car trouble - Andringitra

Another car breakdown in Andringitra

Colorful locust in Andringitra

Ricefields in Andringitra

Camouflaged caterpillar in Andringitra

Epiphytic fern in Andringitra

Andringitra: high altitude rainforest

Stream in Andringitra

Path to Pic Boby (Andringitra)

Flower of a shrub in Andringitra

Flower near the top of Pic Boby

Eroded granites of Pic Boby (Andringitra)

Path to Pic Boby - Andringitra

Granite rock formations in Andringitra

Rice terraces - Andringitra

Pachypodium in Andringitra (Andringitra)

A village in Andringitra

Village kids from near Andringitra (Andringitra)

Malagasy children

Chameleon (Andringitra)

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