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Madagascar Pictures: Anita Kikkert

Malagasy women sewing at a market in Ambalavao

Pachypodium in Andringitra (Andringitra)

A village in Andringitra

Village kids from near Andringitra (Andringitra)

Malagasy children

Chameleon (Andringitra)

Entrance to Canyon de Makis at Isalo (Isalo)

Ricefields in Isalo (Isalo)

Waterfalls in Isalo

Palm tree

Palm trees near Toliara (Tulear)

Spiny forest tree in Ifaty (Ifaty)

Pirogue on beach in Ifaty

Kids from Fort Dauphin area (Fort Dauphin)

Kids from Fort Dauphin area (Fort Dauphin)

Coast near Fort Dauphin (Fort Dauphin)

Coastal village of Evatra

Traveller's palm (Fort Dauphin)

Huts near Fort Dauphin (Fort Dauphin)

Elephant ears near Fort Dauphin (Fort Dauphin)

Traveller's palms near Fort Dauphin (Fort Dauphin)

Kids from Tana (Tana)

Market in Tana (Tana)

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