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Photos of ranomafana in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


Chameleons of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Herps of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Lemurs of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar - 18-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar II - 12 months by mongabay

Wildlife of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Budget Calendars

Leaves of a birdnest fern

Mating bugs

Women's weaving cooperative in Ranomafana

White Spotted Reed Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus)

Deforestation near Ranomafana

Metallic Jewel beetle (family Buprestidae)

Black and white marbled weevil (Curculionidae family)

Albizia seed pods

Broad-tailed Day Gecko, Phelsuma laticauda

Metallic orange beetle

Female Red-bellied Lemur (Eulemur rubriventer)

Sleeping female O'Shaughnessy's Chameleon (Calumma oshaughnessyi)

Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus), one of the world's rarest lemurs

Milne-Edwards' Sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi)

Helicophanta farafanganensis land snail, which eats moss and fungi and is hunted by the short-legged ground roller

Red flowers on a vine

Seedlings in a nursery for reforestation


Scarab, family Scarabaeidae

Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus)

Downed rainforest tree

Red-fronted Coua (Coua reynaudii)

Ranomafana rainforest creek

Black moth with a pair of orange spots and transparent patches on its wings

Mass of furry caterpillars

Milne-Edwards' Sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi)

Pink and purple insect nymph that has JUST molted, probably a Flatid or a Fulgorid bug

Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus), one of the world's endangered lemurs, eating bamboo

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