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Photographs of lemurs in Madagascar

Cheirogaleus major lemur

Indri lemur in Andasibe

White-footed lepilemur (Lepilemur leucopus)

Ringtailed lemur (Lemur catta) eating with baby on back

Sifaka lemur in "The Thinker" position

Ring-tailed lemurs paddycake

Ringtails on a mission

Black lemurs (Nosy Komba)
Black lemurs

Collared lemur (Eulemur fulvus collaris) (Ankarana)
Collared lemur

Mother lemur catta with baby on chest

Red-fronted brown lemur with baby on back at Kirindy

White ruffed lemur feeding on tamarind

Red-fronted brown lemur (E. fulvus rufus) in tree

Red ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata rubra)

White-fronted brown lemur

Greater Bamboo Lemur

Eulemur fulvus rufus in tree at Kirindy

Microcebus rufus (Brown mouse lemur)

Varecia variegata variegata

Diademed sifaka in Mantady NP

Milne-Edwards Sifaka

Grey Bamboo Lemur (Andasibe)
Grey Bamboo Lemur

Red-fronted brown lemur

Eulemur fulvus rufus

Excited ring-tailed lemur

Leaping lemur

Sifaka just hanging out

Upside-down sifaka lemur


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