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Scorpion in Isalo

Fat black scorpion


Comet moth

Leaf mimic insect

mantid brown

Mantid purple antenna

mantid yellow

Grey moth

Walking stick insect

Brown mantid at Isalo

Green caterpillar

Dung beetles

Phromnia rosea (fuschia colored insects)

Flatid leaf bugs (Phromnia rosea)

Adult Flatid leaf bugs (Phromnia rosea)

aquatic insect in hand

Green walking stick insect

Praying mantis beige

thorn spider

Yellow and blue butterfly

Yellow and blue butterfly on ground

black dragonfly


Yellow scorpion

Red beetle

Teal and black butterflies

Masoala peninsula beetle

Black pill millipede

Green caterpillar

Green pill millipede rolled in palm of hand

Green pill millipede rolled in ball

Green pill millipede on tree trunk

Insect resembling a partially chewed leaf

Red clear-wing butterfly

Red millipede compared with size of hand

Red millipede on log

Thorn spider (gasteracanthinae sub-family)

Gasteracanthinae spider

Thorn spider

Stick insect in Masoala NP

Nocturnal stick insect

Butterfly on beach

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae)

Longhorn Beetle in flight with guide Armand


Leaf insect

Black and white thorn spider

Orange and white thorn spider

White moth

Giraffe-necked Weevil

Giraffe necked Weevil

Green Mantid

Leaf Insect

Leaf Insect

Lutinus Beetle

Praying Mantis (Brown color)

Mantid Purple Antenna

Mantid Yellow


Pill Millipede Ball

Pill Millipede (Green color)

Stick Mantid

Stick Mantid

Dragonfly tsingy canyon

Pink and green grasshopper at the petite tsingy

Urania riphaeus moth

Translucent rainforest slug

Land crab

Phromnia rosea insect nymphs

Phromnia rosea nymphs

Land Snail

Flatid leaf bug nymphs, tree trunk

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