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Photos of kirindy in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


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kirindy sunset (Kirindy)

Mungotictis decemlineata mongoose raiding trash heap (Kirindy)

Gregoire; guide in Kirindy (Kirindy)

Water lily flowers (Kirindy)

Sakalava erotic totems (Kirindy)

Kirindy bungalow (Kirindy)

Searching for frogs in Krindy (Kirindy)

Pair of Red-fronted brown lemurs on ground (Kirindy)

Sakalava carvings depicting fady (Kirindy)

Oplurus cuvieri iguanid lizard (Kirindy)

Rhett among baobabs (Kirindy)

Kirindy road (Kirindy)

Common frog found in Kirindy (Kirindy)

Eulemur fulvus rufus lemur in tree (Kirindy)

Oplurus cuvieri iguanid lizard (Kirindy)

Burned scrub (Kirindy)

Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher (Kirindy)

Gregoire tuber in hand (Kirindy)

Red-fronted brown lemur being fed by tourist (Kirindy)

Mirza coquereli lemur (Kirindy)

butterfly (Kirindy)

Red seeds (Kirindy)

Gregoire with tuber (Kirindy)

Eulemur fulvus rufus profile (Kirindy)

Sakalava phallic totems (Kirindy)

Sakalava carvings depicting fady sexual positions (Kirindy)

Orange flower in kirindy (Kirindy)

bird nest (Kirindy)

white flower (Kirindy)

Red fronted brown lemur resting in tree (Kirindy)

Corythornis vintsioides (Kirindy)

broken down truck on dirt road to kirindy (Kirindy)

red dusty road (Kirindy)

Coua gigas (Kirindy)

Kirindy dry forest (Kirindy)

baobab fruit open (Kirindy)

Spiny plant in Kirindy (Kirindy)

Red-fronted brown lemur with baby (Kirindy)

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