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Photos of arthropods in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


Chameleons of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Herps of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Lemurs of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar - 18-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar II - 12 months by mongabay

Wildlife of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Budget Calendars

Longhorn Beetle in flight with guide Armand (Nosy Mangabe)

Black, yellow, and blue caterpillar

White insect with a red mite

Whirligig beetles (Gyrinidae family); this insect has 4 eyes: two on each side of their head, one for above water and one for below.

Yellow and blue weevil

Green and brown Lycidae weevil ( Coleoptera)

Brown mantis

Multicolored spider

Madagascar Fire Millipede (Aphistogoniulus sp)

Madagascar Fire Millipede (Aphistogoniulus sp)

Forest crab in Madagascar

Mating butterflies

Polka-dotted moth

Stick insect

Straw-like grasshopper

Blue planthopper

Leaf-mimicking katydid

Fat black scorpion (Isalo)

Polybothris Jewel beetle (family Buprestidae)

Flatid Leaf Bugs Adult (Andasibe)



Multicolored katydid

Madagascar Scarab, family Scarabaeidae

Orange and black bug


Giant cockroach in Madagascar

Giant spider


Comet moth (Andasibe)


Raspberry dragnofly

Green caterpillar - Rhagastis lambertoni, Sphingidae family

Yellow spider eating a moth

Red-eyed fly in Madagascar

Blue planthopper

Orange moth

Green kaydid with red eyes

Black butterfly with turquoise spots

Blue-eyed fly

Madagascar moth with an orange mask-marking on its back

Mantid Yellow

Yellow dragonfly with maroon eyes and blue cheeks

Mossy stick insect

thorn spider (Kirindy)

Spittle bug

Green mantis

Green pill millipede on tree trunk

Madagascar Orb Weaving Spider

Teal and black butterflies

Hermit crab

Red millipeded with red feet

Red millipede with red legs

Stick insect in Masoala NP

Masoala peninsula beetle

Mossy stick insect

Orange and white thorn spider (Nosy Mangabe)

Neon pink leafhopper



Scorpion in Isalo (Isalo)

Giant moth


Blue and yellow leafhopper

Green grasshopper

Shield bug

Mating beetles

Giraffe necked Weevil

Madagascar Orb Weaving Spider


Stunningly colorful grasshopper

Jumping spider

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