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Photos of animals in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


Chameleons of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Herps of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Lemurs of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar - 18-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar II - 12 months by mongabay

Wildlife of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Budget Calendars

Red millipede

Sanford's Brown Lemur (Eulemur sanfordi)

Calumma parsoni feeding; tongue sequence (Andasibe)

Ringtail closeup (Berenty)

Lined Day Gecko (Phelsuma lineata)

Coquerel's Sifaka (Propithecus coquereli)

Blue, orange, and green Calumma crypticum chameleon [male]

Furcifer pardalis (breeding coloration)

Parson's chameleon (Calumma parsonii) [yellow and orange]

Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus) eating bamboo

Ring-tailed lemur with baby hanging on stomach (Isalo)

Oustalet's chameleon


Verreaux's Sifaka dancing

Coral-billed Nuthatch-vanga (Hypositta corallirostris)

Madagascar Crested Ibis (Lophotibis cristata) in captivity

Amber Mountain Rock-thrush (Monticola erythronotus) [male]

Coquerel's Sifaka (Propithecus coquereli) with baby

Paroedura bastardi gecko

Female Furcifer balteatus preparing to grab an insect

Propithecus verreauxi deckenii (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Mantidactylus corvis frog

Verreaux's Sifaka 1997 (Berenty)

Brown Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa)

Female Furcifer balteatus preparing to shoot an insect

Red millipeded with red feet

Red-orange beetle

Ring-tailed lemurs raiding kitchen and dining area (Berenty)

Indri indri (Andasibe)

White-browed Owl (Ninox superciliaris)

White-footed Weasel Lemur (Lepilemur leucopus) in a spiny Alluaudia procera plant

Flatid leaf bug nymphs, resembling white lichen

Propithecus verreauxi deckenii with baby (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Guibemantis pulcher frog

Female crowned lemur feeding on a mango rind while perched upon limestone tsingy


Butterfly (Aterica rabena)

Mossy stick insect headshot

Stick insect

Lemur catta taking in the sun (Berenty)

Common Brown Lemur (Eulemur fulvus)

Yawning Coquerel's sifaka

Green praying mantis

Female crowned lemur feeding on a mango rind while perched on sharp limestone tsingy

Ring-tailed lemurs in Isalo (Isalo)

Indri lemur (Indri indri)

Sanford's Brown Lemur (Eulemur sanfordi)

Green, yellow, orange, brown, and white spider on an Alluaudia procera plant

Flock of storks in flight

Female Crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus)

Green Madagascar giant chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti)


Mother ring-tailed lemur sunning with baby on chest (Berenty)

Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)

Pair of ringtail lemurs (Berenty)

Giant Coua (Coua gigas)

Diademed Sifaka (Propithecus diadema)

Eastern woolly lemur

Metallic turquoise and black spider

Common Brown Lemur (Eulemur fulvus)

Oustaleti chameleon at Bekopaka camp (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

O'Shaughnessy's Chameleon (Calumma oshaughnessyi)

Uroplatus lineata (Marojejy)

Milne-Edwards' Sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi)


Crowned lemur with baby

Green-backed mantella frog (Mantella laevigata)

Madagascar giant day gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensis)

Lowland Streaked Tenrec (Hemicentetes semispinosus)

Madagascar Wagtail (Motacilla flaviventris)

Zonosaurus petite tsingy (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Orange and black Reduviidae juvenile bug, with the abdomen sticking up to look like a fierce mantis

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