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Photos of animals in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


Chameleons of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Herps of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Lemurs of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar - 18-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar II - 12 months by mongabay

Wildlife of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Budget Calendars

Mantella betsileo frog (Masoala NP)

White-fronted brown lemur (Masoala NP)

Stick insects mating

Pied crow flying above Isalo (Isalo)

Oplurus cuvieri at Kirindy (Kirindy)

Coquerel's Sifaka (Propithecus coquereli) in Madagascar

White Spotted Reed Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus)

Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Dry grass-colored mantis (possibly Idolomorpha madagascariensis [Empusidae])

White ruffed lemur (Nosy Mangabe)

Furcifer campani chameleon near Ifasina

Angry owl in bungalow

Amber Mountain chameleon (Calumma ambreense)

Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur (Cheirogaleus medius)

Red millipede on log

Eastern Woolly Lemur (Avahi laniger) (Masoala NP)

Family of ring-tail lemurs (including babies)

Spiny crab spider (Gasteracantha sp. Morelli?)

Sakalava Weaver (Ploceus sakalava)

Brilliant green beetle [Tortoise beetle of the Chrysomelidae family]

Boophis madagascariensis tree frog

Orange and black leafhopper

Northern Sportive Lemur (Lepilemur septentrionalis) peeking out of a tree hollow

Green caterpillar

Ring-tailed lemur marking territory (Isalo)

Standing ring-tailed lemur on cliff wall (Isalo)

Red-fronted brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus rufus) in tree (Kirindy)

Malagasy Kingfisher (Alcedo vintsioides) (Nosy Mangabe)

Green walking stick insect

Common Big-eyed Snake (Mimophis mahfalensis)

Squatting sifaka lemur (Berenty)

Milne-Edwards Sifaka

White-footed Lepilemur (Lepilemur leucopus) high in a tree hollow

Ring-tailed lemurs in gallery forest

Hissing cockroach in Madagascar

Giant day gecko

Uroplatus fimbriatus - full body (Masoala NP)

Amber Mountain Rock-thrush (Monticola erythronotus) [male]

Leaf Insect (Ranomafana N.P.)

Verreaux's sifaka in Isalo

Land crab (Nosy Mangabe)

White Spotted Reed Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus)

Red dragonfly

Red-orange insect (Dyserdycus genus) in the Pyrrhocoridae family (true bugs)

Verreaux's sifaka iin tree (Berenty)

Mantella betsileo frog

Red-fronted brown lemur

White Spotted Reed Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus)

black dragonfly (Manambolo)

Calumma hilleniusi (Andingitra)

Streaked tenrec (Maroantsetra)

Giraffe-necked weevil (Trachelophorus giraffa)


Helicophanta farafanganensis land snail, which eats moss and fungi and is hunted by the short-legged ground roller

Black moth with orange and green spots

Gecko eye

Red Thorn Spider

Madagascar Fire Millipede (Aphistogoniulus sp)

Brilliant green beetle [Tortoise beetle of the Chrysomelidae family]


Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus) eating bamboo

Giant Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus)

White Spotted Reed Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus)

Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Giant day gecko

Gray Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur griseus)

Oustalet's chameleon walking across sand near Isalo

Mantidactylus asper frog in rainforest of Masoala NP

Yellow and black grasshopper

Baby oustaleti chameleon on hand (Kirindy)

Microcebus rufus lemur (Nosy Mangabe)

Male Elephant-eared Chameleon (Calumna brevicorne)

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