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Photos of animals in Madagascar [updated 2013-02-13]


Chameleons of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Herps of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Lemurs of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar - 18-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar - 12-month calendar

Madagascar Calendar II - 12 months by mongabay

Wildlife of Madagascar - 12-month calendar

Budget Calendars

Oustalet's chameleon in a Plumeria tree

Leaf mimic insect

Guibemantis liber

Rainbow Bush Locust (Phymateus saxosus)

Raspberry dragonfly


Verreaux's Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi)

Red-fronted brown lemur (Eulemur rufus)

Coquerel's Sifaka taking flight

Uroplatus fimbriatus leaf-tailed gecko

Hairy Lithinus weevil (Curculionidae)

Brookesia antakarana

Coquerel's Sifaka (Propithecus coquereli)

Upside-down sifaka lemur

Chameleon; Madagascar

Adult Flatid leaf bugs (Phromnia rosea)

Rainbow Milkweed Locust (Phymateus saxosus), a toxic species due to its propensity to eat milkweed

Amber Mountain chameleon (Calumma ambreense)

Coquerel's Sifaka doing a Michael Jackson dance move

Sifakas in a dry forest in southern Madagascar

Mossy stick insect

Verreaux's Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi) in a territorial chase

Coquerel's Sifaka dancing across a clearing

Camouflaged Amber Mountain chameleon (Calumma ambreense)

Lantern bug

Gray Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur griseus)

Mantella madagascariensis (Painted Mantella)

Madagascar giant chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti)

Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur griseus)

Male panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)

Male panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)

Canopy Chameleon (Furcifer willsii)

Pair of ring-tailed mongoose (Galidia elegans) grooming

Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa)

Verreaux's Sifaka dancing

Southern Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae)

Orange and blue beetle

Madagascar giant day gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensis)

Orange Parson's chameleon (juvenile)

Sifakas in a dry forest in southern Madagascar

Common Brown Lemur (Eulemur fulvus)

Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Parson's chameleon (Calumma parsonii) [yellow and orange]

Stick insect

Madagascar crocodile

Leaf frog

Blue-eyed dragonfly

Female crowned lemur feeding on a mango rind

Green Bright-eyed Frog (Boophis viridis)

Female crowned lemur feeding on a mango rind while perched on sharp limestone tsingy

Sleeping reddish-brown Short-horned Chameleon (Calumma brevicorne)

Carpet Chameleon (Furcifer lateralis)

Madagascar Pygmy-kingfisher (Ceyx madagascariensis)

Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

Indri feeding on leaves

Parson's chameleon (Calumma parsonii) [yellow and orange]

Flat-casqued Chameleon (Calumma globifer) (female)

Brookesia peyrierasi chameleon on leaf

Multi-colored grasshopper with orrange eyes

Oustalet's chameleon walking across sand near Isalo


Verreaux's Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi)

Paroedura bastardi gecko


Dromicodryas bernieri snakes

Pardalis chameleon near Maroantsetra (Maroantsetra)

Worm in a protective case

Madagascar Red Fody (Foudia madagascariensis)

Guibemantis pulcher frog

Madagascar Pygmy-kingfisher (Ceyx madagascariensis)

Meditating sifaka lemurs (Berenty)

Pink and green grasshopper at the petite tsingy

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